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Thank you for making our best fundraising year so far!

Thank you

Thank you

2018 will soon start to fade in our memories as we look forward to what this year will bring.  Before that, we would like to take a moment to say a warm thank you to supporters of our charity.  Last year was our best fundraising year since the relaunch of the charity and it’s down to you.

In donations alone, the charity has received in excess of £5,000.  This includes donations made by those who have fundraised or donated anonymously.  Our charity shop in Leicester has also continued to flourish and prosper, raising much needed funds for the charity.

How the funds are being used

The funds raised in 2018 enabled us to invest in some much needed IT for the charity.  This includes improving our website and social media platforms, as well as our online forums for our active users.  Work will continue online this year to raise awareness of cauda equina syndrome.

Last year we were also able to produce a range of new materials to help promote and raise awareness.  We have been sending out awareness cards and information booklets for healthcare providers and the public.  We hope that these are seen by many, and that they will help people recognise the signs and symptoms early.

A message from our trustees

Trustee Danielle Barney says: “The generosity of the people and organisations making donations is amazing to see.  Since our relaunch we have been able to use the funds for a variety of initiatives, both online and offline, to help bring cauda equina syndrome into the spotlight.  On behalf of the trustees I would like to say a great big thank you to everyone who has contributed to our success.  We fully intend to build on these successes in the years to come.”

So, again, thank you.  With your continued support we will keep shining a spotlight on cauda equina syndrome.  We have some exciting plans for this year, let’s make it even better than last!