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Gemma’s Thames Path Challenge

Congratulations Gemma

The full 100km challenge heads upstream from Putney Bridge past Hampton Court to Runnymede of Magna Carta fame at 50km. From there it continues past wonderful scenery all the way to Henley. As Gemma’s mum was diagnosed with CES 12 years ago, she chose to participate to raise money for our cause.

Gemma’s Challenge

The challenge started at 6am and Gemma did incredibly well to reach the half-way point at around 7pm.  Unfortunately after 13 hours of walking she was injured and forced to pull out.  However, this is a tremendous achievement and everyone at Cauda Equina UK Charity is incredibly proud of her efforts.

Updates on Gemma’s challenge were posted live on Facebook on Saturday by Cauda Equina Syndrome UK Charity Shop.


On her JustGiving page, Gemma says: “I have spent the last year working on my fitness and now I’m in reasonable shape I have decided to do the Thames path challenge in September 2018 where I will be walking 60 miles in 33 hours.”

“I have chosen Cauda Equina Syndrome charity as my mum was diagnosed with this life changing condition 12 painful years ago when the Cauda Equina nerves at the base of her spinal cord were irreparably damaged.   My mum is a true inspiration, she goes through excruciating pain and mobility issues on a daily basis but she still has ability to smile!!”

If you would like to donate to support Gemma then follow this link to Gemma’s JustGiving page.

We’re sure that everyone reading will join us in saying a big thank you to Gemma!  Not only has she raised over £1,000 to date, but she has also raised awareness of our cause.

For more information on Cauda Equina Syndrome click here.