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In Your Own Words: Adam’s Story

Adam's Story

A treat for those who enjoy a good podcast this month as we continue our 2019 CES awareness campaign. Adam is recording his podcasts as “a kind of coping tool” and hopes that it can offer help to others going through a similar recovery.  In his words “It’s totally unscripted and with all the morphine and tramadol probably a little illegible and confusing”.

Adam’s Story

“One day I woke up in a fancy hotel in the States and I couldn’t move, my back was hurting so much. It took me a while to get off the bed, get all my stuff ready and get on the aircraft. The pain subsided as the day went on, I just thought it was one of those temporary things.

A couple of weeks later I noticed that it really wasn’t getting better so I went to see a doctor who referred me straight to physio.  The first visit to the physio they basically just tried to understand what was up with me.”

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