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For You

For You

While we are unable to give any medical advice, below are some ways CES UK is trying to bring people together with CES and provide up to date research and advice.

Support Groups

Details of any support groups run with our NHS partners or independently will be posted here.

Spinal Injuries Association


Events to raise awareness of CES UK will be posted here throughout the year. Keep an eye out for new events coming soon.

Fundraising events can be organised and advertised through CES UK. If you have something planned, let us know!

Practical Information & Advice Forum

Leave or answer questions left on our forum, whether it is about legal or financial matters, health and well-being or general advice and tips for coping with Cauda Equina Syndrome.

Research updates and News

We will be positing new papers and research announced by healthcare professionals on this page as it is published.


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