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Adam's Story

In Your Own Words: Adam’s Story

A treat for those who enjoy a good podcast this month as we continue our 2019 CES awareness campaign. Adam is recording his podcasts as "a kind of coping tool" and hopes that it can offer help to others going through a similar recovery. In his words "It's totally unscripted and with all the morphine and tramadol probably a little illegible and confusing". Enjoy!

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In Your Own Words: Emily’s Story

Next in this series of CES awareness campaign articles is Emily's story. Emily contacted us over Christmas, eager to share her experience after reading all the stories we published last year. She suffered from a bad back since having her first child in 2012 and after this slowly worsened over a few years, red flag symptoms started to present.

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Lee's Story

In Your Own Words: Lee’s Story

We begin our 2019 CES awareness campaign with Lee's story. Lee got in touch with us before Christmas, keen to share his experiences of Cauda Equina Syndrome with us. He first became aware of Cauda Equina Syndrome through a friend, before he was struck down with it himself.

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